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Pancreatic Cell News 6.41 October 20, 2015
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Beneficial Effects of Growth Hormone-Releasing Hormone Agonists on Rat INS-1 Cells and on Streptozotocin-Induced NOD/SCID Mice
The authors evaluated recently synthesized growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) agonists on the proliferation and biological functions of a rat pancreatic β-cell line and islets. In vitro treatment of INS-1 cells with GHRH agonists increased cell proliferation, the expression of cellular insulin, insulin-like growth factor-1, and GHRH receptor, and also stimulated insulin secretion in response to glucose challenge. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract | Press Release
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PUBLICATIONS (Ranked by impact factor of the journal)

NADPH Oxidase-Dependent Reactive Oxygen Species Stimulate β-Cell Regeneration through Differentiation of Endocrine Progenitors in Murine Pancreas
Researchers showed that ROS levels were dynamically changed during pancreas development concomitant with endocrine cell differentiation induced by modest exogenous ROS in rudiment cultures. NOX4 but not NOX2, the member of NADPH oxidase, was expressed persistently in endocrine lineage and showed higher activity in the critical pancreas development phase. [Antioxid Redox Signal] Abstract

Sirtuin 6 Regulates Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Secretion in Mouse Pancreatic Beta Cells
To investigate the function of Sirtuin 6 (SIRT6) in pancreatic beta cells, researchers performed Sirt6 gene knockdown in MIN6 cells and generated pancreatic- and beta cell-specific Sirt6 knockout mice. [Diabetologia] Abstract

Rac-Mediated Actin Remodeling and Myosin II Are Involved in KATP Channel Trafficking in Pancreatic β-Cells
Scientists showed that the signaling mechanisms that mediate actin cytoskeleton remodeling are closely associated with AMP-activated protein kinase-induced KATP channel trafficking. Using F-actin staining with Alexa 633-conjugated phalloidin, they observed that dense cortical actin filaments present in INS-1 cells cultured in glucose were disrupted by glucose deprivation or leptin treatment. [Exp Mol Med] Full Article


TLR9 Ligation in Pancreatic Stellate Cells Promotes Tumorigenesis
Researchers showed that Toll-like receptor (TLR)9 activation has distinct effects on the epithelial, inflammatory, and fibrogenic cellular subsets in pancreatic carcinoma and plays a central role in cross talk between these compartments. Specifically, TLR9 activation can induce proinflammatory signaling in transformed epithelial cells, but does not elicit oncogene expression or cancer cell proliferation. [J Exp Med] Abstract

A Novel Protein Isoform of the RON Tyrosine Kinase Receptor Transforms Human Pancreatic Duct Epithelial Cells
Scientists report the discovery of a novel RON isoform discovered in human pancreatic cancer. Expression of partial splicing of exons 5 and 6 in immortalized human pancreatic duct epithelial cells activates downstream AKT, and in human pancreatic epithelial nestin-expressing cells, activates both the AKT and MAPK pathways. [Oncogene] Abstract

The Retinoic Acid Derivative, ABPN, Inhibits Pancreatic Cancer through Induction of Nrdp1
Investigators showed that the retinoic acid derivative, ABPN, exhibits more potent anticancer effects than erlotinib, while exhibiting less toxicity toward non-cancerous human control cells. [Carcinogenesis] Abstract

Integrated Stress Response Is Critical for Gemcitabine Resistance in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Scientists used pancreatic cancer cells that are highly resistant to gemcitabine (Gem) and an orthotopic mouse model to investigate the role of the integrated stress response in Gem chemoresistance. [Cell Death Dis] Full Article

Up-Regulation of HER2 by Gemcitabine Enhances the Antitumor Effect of Combined Gemcitabine and Trastuzumab Emtansine Treatment on Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Cells
Out of five tested human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cell lines, including MIA PaCa-2, three showed increases in HER2 expression after gemcitabine (GEM) treatment. The binding of T-DM1 to GEM-treated MIA PaCa-2 cells was higher than to untreated MIA PaCa-2 cells. Treatment with GEM and T-DM1 showed synergic cytotoxic effects on MIA PaCa-2 cells in vitro. [BMC Cancer] Full Article

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Neural Plasticity in Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer
Current in vivo models of pancreatic cancer and chronic pancreatitis contain many discrepancies from human disease that overshadow their translational value. The authors discuss novel possibilities for mechanistically uncovering the role of the nervous system in pancreatic disease progression. [Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol] Abstract

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AstraZeneca Receives Complete Response Letter from US FDA for Saxagliptin/Dapagliflozin Fixed-Dose-Combination
AstraZeneca announced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a complete response letter (CRL) regarding the new drug application for the investigational fixed-dose combination of saxagliptin and dapagliflozin for the treatment of adult patients with type 2 diabetes. The CRL states that more clinical data are required to support the application. [AstraZeneca] Press Release

Yabao Pharmaceuticals Enters Second Innovative Collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company to Develop Diabetes Treatment
Yabao Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. announced a second strategic collaboration for the treatment of diabetes with Eli Lilly and Company to co-develop Lilly’s sodium-glucose linked transporter inhibitor molecule. [Yabao Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. (Business Wire)] Press Release

Oncolytics Biotech® Inc. Announces Phase Ib Study in Advanced Pancreatic Cancer
Oncolytics Biotech Inc. announced that, following submission to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for review, the investigational new drug application containing the protocol titled “A Phase Ib study of pembrolizumab (KEYTRUDA®) in combination with REOLYSIN® (pelareorep) and chemotherapy in patients with advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma” is now active. [Oncolytics Biotech® Inc.] Press Release

PharmaCyte Biotech to Conduct Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trial in United States
PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. announced that its upcoming clinical trial designed to determine whether its pancreatic cancer treatment can satisfy a critical unmet medical need for patients with pancreatic cancer will be conducted in the United States with additional study sites in Europe and Australia. [PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. (GlobeNewswire, Inc.)] Press Release

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