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Title   Journal   Publication Date   Newsletter Issue  
Organoid Models for Translational Pancreatic Cancer Research
Tiriac, H; Plenker, D; Baker, LA; Tuveson, DA
Curr Opin Genet Dev 2019-03-04 10.09 | Mar 12
GAD65 Antibodies and Incident Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Koopman, ADM; Et Al.
Metabolism 2019-03-07 10.09 | Mar 12
Navigating Two Roads to Glucose Normalization in Diabetes: Automated Insulin Delivery Devices and Cell Therapy
Latres, E; Finan, DA; Greenstein, JL; Kowalski, A; Kieffer, TJ
Cell Metab 2019-03-05 10.08 | Mar 5
Diabetes and Cancer: Debating the Link through Ca2+/cAMP Signaling
Bergantin, LB
Cancer Lett 2019-02-13 10.07 | Feb 26
Beta Cells in Type 1 Diabetes: Mass and Function; Sleeping or Dead?
Oram, RA; Sims, EK; Evans-Molina, C
Diabetologia 2019-02-14 10.07 | Feb 26
Early Intra-Acinar Events in Pathogenesis of Pancreatitis
Saluja, A; Dudeja, V; Dawra, R; Sah, RP
Gastroenterology 2019-02-15 10.06 | Feb 19
Reflections on Depletion of Tumor Stroma in Pancreatic Cancer
Wang, W-Q; Liu, L; Xu, J-Z; Yu, X-J
Biochim Biophys Acta 2019-02-06 10.06 | Feb 19
Molecular Pathways Linking Adipose Innervation to Insulin Action in Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus
Guilherme, A; Henriques, F; Bedard, AH; Czech, MP
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2019-02-07 10.05 | Feb 12
Nanotechnology in Cell Replacement Therapies for Type 1 Diabetes
Ernst, AU; Et Al.
Adv Drug Deliv Rev 2019-02-02 10.05 | Feb 12
Signaling Networks that Control Cellular Plasticity in Pancreatic Tumorigenesis, Progression and Metastasis
Crawford, HC; Pasca di Magliano, M; Banerjee, S
Gastroenterology 2019-02-01 10.04 | Feb 5
Molecular Subtypes of Pancreatic Cancer
Collisson, EA; Bailey, P; Chang, DK; Biankin, AV
Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol 2019-02-04 10.04 | Feb 5
Role of Insulin, Adenosine, and Adipokine Receptors in the Foetoplacental Vascular Dysfunction in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Subiabre, M; Et Al.
Biochim Biophys Acta 2019-01-17 10.03 | Jan 29
Animal Models for Modeling Pancreatic Cancer and Novel Drug Discovery
Bisht, S; Feldmann, G
Expert Opin Drug Discov 2018-01-18 10.03 | Jan 29
Gut Microbial Metabolites in Obesity, NAFLD and T2DM
Canfora, EE; Meex, RCR; Venema, K; Blaak, EE
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2019-01-22 10.02 | Jan 22
Genetics and Epigenetics of Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Neoplasms
Mafficini, A; Scarpa, A
Endocr Rev 2019-01-17 10.02 | Jan 22
Immunotherapy in Pancreatic Cancer: New Hope or Mission Impossible?
Jiang, J; Et Al.
Cancer Lett 2019-01-11 10.01 | Jan 15
Insulin Analogs: Glimpse on Contemporary Facts and Future Prospective
Sharma, AK; Et Al.
Life Sci 2019-01-10 10.01 | Jan 15
Emerging Role of Testosterone in Pancreatic β-Cell Function and Insulin Secretion
Xu, W; Morford, J; Mauvais-Jarvis, F
J Endocrinol 2019-01-01 10.00 | Jan 8
Potential Use of Aptamers for Diagnosis and Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
Gao, G; Et Al.
J Drug Target 2018-12-31 10.00 | Jan 8
Apolipoprotein CIII and Diabetes. Is There a Link?
Christopoulou, E; Tsimihodimos, V; Filippatos, T; Elisaf, M
Diabetes Metab Res Rev 2018-12-17 9.50 | Dec 18
Melatonin in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Obesity
Karamitri, A; Jockers, R
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2018-12-07 9.49 | Dec 11
Circadian Clocks and Insulin Resistance
Stenvers, DJ; Scheer, FAJL; Schrauwen, P; La Fleur, SE; Kalsbeek, A
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2018-12-07 9.49 | Dec 11
Modeling the Endocrine Pancreas in Health and Disease
Bakhti, M; Bottcher, A; Lickert, H
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2018-11-30 9.48 | Dec 4
Oral Semaglutide for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
Hedrington, MS; Davis, SN
Expert Opin Pharmacother 2018-11-30 9.48 | Dec 4
Contribution of Oxidative Stress and Impaired Biogenesis of Pancreatic β-Cells to Type 2 Diabetes
Jazek, P; Jaburek, M; Plecita-Hlavata, L
Antioxid Redox Signal 2018-11-18 9.47 | Nov 27
Emerging Hormonal-Based Combination Pharmacotherapies for the Treatment of Metabolic Diseases
Clemmensen, C; Finan, B; Müller, TD; DiMarchi, RD; Tschöp, MH; Hofmann, SM
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2018-11-16 9.46 | Nov 20
Pancreatic Cancer and Immunotherapy: Resistance Mechanisms and Proposed Solutions
Tan, E; El-Rayes, B
J Gastrointest Cancer 2018-11-17 9.46 | Nov 20
Epithelial-Stromal Interactions in Pancreatic Cancer
Zhang, Y; Crawford, HC; Pasca di Magliano, M
Annu Rev Physiol 2018-11-12 9.45 | Nov 13
Functions and Clinical Implications of Exosomes in Pancreatic Cancer
Qian, L; Yu, S; Chen, Z; Meng, Z; Huang, S; Wang, P
Biochim Biophys Acta 2018-11-09 9.45 | Nov 13
Timing of Exposure and Bisphenol-A: Implications for Diabetes Development
Tuduri, E; Marroqui, L; Dos Santos, RS; Quesada, I; Fuentes, E; Alonso-Magdalena
Front Endocrinol 2018-10-31 9.44 | Nov 6
Optical Tools for Understanding the Complexity of β-Cell Signaling and Insulin Release
Frank, JA; Broichhagen, J; Yushchenko, DA; Trauner, D; Schultz, C; Hodson, D
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2018-10-24 9.43 | Oct 30
Mechanistic Insights into Autoimmune Pancreatitis and IgG4-Related Disease
Watanabe, T; Minaga, K; Kamata, K; Masatoshi, K; Strober, W
Trends Immunol 2018-10-25 9.43 | Oct 30
The Emerging Role of Cyclin-Dependent Kinases (CDKs) in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Garcia-Reyes, B; Kretz, A-L; Et Al.
Int J Mol Sci 2018-10-18 9.42 | Oct 23
The α-Cell in Diabetes Mellitus
Gromada, J; Chabosseau, P; Rutter, GA
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2018-10-11 9.41 | Oct 16
Pancreatic Islet Dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Hu, F; Qiu, X; Bu, S
Arch Physiol Biochem 2018-10-06 9.41 | Oct 16
Glucose Homeostasis Dependency on Acini-Islet-Acinar (AIA) Axis Communication: A New Possible Pathophysiological Hypothesis regarding Diabetes Mellitus
Pierzynowski, S; Gregory, P; Filip, R; Woliński, J; Pierzynowska, K
Nutr Diabetes 2018-10-08 9.40 | Oct 9
The Potential of CAR T Cell Therapy in Pancreatic Cancer
Akce, M; Zaidi, M; Waller, E; El-Rayes, B; Lesinski, G
Front Immunol 2018-09-25 9.39 | Oct 2
Does Axl Have Potential as a Therapeutic Target in Pancreatic Cancer?
Du, W; Brekken, R
Expert Opin Ther Targets 2018-09-23 9.38 | Sep 25
Targeting Protein Misfolding to Protect Pancreatic Beta-Cells in Type 2 Diabetes
Costes, S
Curr Opin Pharmacol 2018-09-21 9.38 | Sep 25
Immune Checkpoint Molecules, Personalized Immunotherapy, and Autoimmune Diabetes
Orabona, C; Mondanelli, G; Puccetti, P; Grohmann, U
Trends Mol Med 2018-09-17 9.37 | Sep 18
Biomarkers in Islet Cell Transplantation for Type 1 Diabetes
AlRashidi, F; Gillespie, K
Curr Diab Rep 2018-09-05 9.36 | Sep 11
Role of Biomarker Tests for Diagnosis of Neuroendocrine Tumors
Hofland, J; Zandee, W; de Herder, W
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2018-08-29 9.35 | Sep 4
Immune Mechanisms and Pathways Targeted in Type 1 Diabetes
Jacobsen, L; Newby, B; Perry, D; Posgai, A; Haller, M; Brusko, T
Curr Diab Rep 2018-08-30 9.35 | Sep 4
Harnessing CXCL12 Signaling to Protect and Preserve Functional β-Cell Mass and for Cell Replacement in Type 1 Diabetes
Alagpulinsa, D; Cao, J; Sobell, D; Poznansky, M
Pharmacol Ther 2018-08-24 9.34 | Aug 28
Islet MicroRNAs in Health and Type-2 Diabetes
Wendt, A; Esguerra, J; Eliasson, L
Curr Opin Pharmacol 2018-08-23 9.34 | Aug 28
Designer Hydrogels: Shedding Light on the Physical Chemistry of the Pancreatic Cancer Microenvironment
Lin, C; Korc, M
Cancer Lett 2018-08-14 9.33 | Aug 21
Biomarkers of Islet Beta Cell Stress and Death in Type 1 Diabetes
Sims, E; Evans-Molina, C; Tersey, S; Eizirik, D; Mirmira, R
Diabetologia 2018-08-15 9.33 | Aug 21
Metabolites as Regulators of Insulin Sensitivity and Metabolism
Yang, Q; Vijayakumar, A; Kahn, B
Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 2018-08-13 9.32 | Aug 14
Pancreatic Cancer Circulating Tumor Cells: Applications for Personalized Oncology
DiPardo, B; Winograd, P; Court, C; Tomlinson, J
Expert Rev Mol Diagn 2018-08-11 9.32 | Aug 14
Mitochondria as a Target of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals: Implications for Type 2 Diabetes
Marroqui, L; Tuduri, E; Alonso-Magdalena, P; Quesada, I; Nadal, A; Dos Santos, R
J Endocrinol 2018-08-02 9.31 | Aug 7
Defining Lipid Mediators of Insulin Resistance – Controversies and Challenges
Metcalfe, L; Smith, G; Turner, N
J Mol Endocrinol 2018-08-01 9.31 | Aug 7
Obesity and Type-2 Diabetes as Inducers of Premature Cellular Senescence and Aging
Burton, D; Faragher, R
Biogerontology 2018-07-27 9.30 | Jul 31
Sweet Killing in Obesity and Diabetes: The Metabolic Role of the BH3-Only Protein BIM
Miani, M; Elvira, B; Gurzov, E
J Mol Biol 2018-07-21 9.29 | Jul 24
Epigenetic Regulation of Toll-Like Receptors and Its Roles in Type 1 Diabetes
Xie, Z; Huang, G; Wang, Z; Luo, S; Zheng, P; Zhou, Z
J Mol Med (Berl) 2018-07-12 9.28 | Jul 17
Advances in Oncolytic Adenovirus Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer
Nattress, C; Hallden, G
Cancer Lett 2018-07-05 9.27 | Jul 10
Role of Silibinin in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus and Its Complications
Chu, C; Li, D; Xu, F; et al
Arch Pharm Res 2018-07-06 9.27 | Jul 10
Use of Nano Engineered Approaches to Overcome the Stromal Barrier in Pancreatic Cancer
Meng, H; Nel, A
Adv Drug Deliv Rev 2018-06-26 9.26 | Jul 3
The Adenosine, Adrenergic and Opioid Pathways in the Regulation of Insulin Secretion, Beta Cell Proliferation and Regeneration
Singh, A; Gibert, Y; Dwyer, K
Pancreatology 2018-06-20 9.25 | Jun 26
Islet Long Noncoding RNAs: A Playbook for Discovery and Characterization
Singer, R; Sussel, L
Diabetes 2018-06-20 9.25 | Jun 26
Targeting the Incretin/Glucagon System with Triagonists to Treat Diabetes
Capozzi, M; DiMarchi, R; Tschöp, M; Finan, B; Campbell, J
Endocr Rev 2018-06-13 9.24 | Jun 19
The Hepatic Pre-Metastatic Niche in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Houg, D; Bijlsma, M
Mol Cancer 2018-06-14 9.24 | Jun 19
Signal-Targeted Therapies and Resistance Mechanisms in Pancreatic Cancer: Future Developments Reside in Proteomics
Cintas, C; Douché, T; Therville, N; et al
Cancers 2018-06-01 9.23 | Jun 12
Stem Cell Therapies for Treating Diabetes: Progress and Remaining Challenges
Sneddon, JB; Tang, Q; Stock, P; Bluestone, JA; Roy, S; Desai, T; Hebrok, M
Cell Stem Cell 2018-06-01 9.22 | Jun 5
The Somatostatin-Secreting Pancreatic δ-Cell in Health and Disease
Rorsman, P; Huising, M
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2018-05-17 9.21 | May 29
Update on Glycerol-3-Phosphate Acyltransferases: The Roles in the Development of Insulin Resistance
Yu, J; Loh, K; Song, Z; Yang, H; Zhang, Y; Lin, S
Nutr Diabetes 2018-05-25 9.21 | May 29
Pancreas Regeneration
Zhou, Q; Melton, D
Nature 2018-05-16 9.20 | May 22
A New Strategy to Control and Eradicate “Undruggable” Oncogenic K-RAS-Driven Pancreatic Cancer: Molecular Insights and Core Principles Learned from Developmental and Evolutionary Biology
Van Sciver, R; Lee, M; Tang, A; et al
Cancers 2018-05-14 9.19 | May 15
Glucagon-Like Peptide 1 in Health and Disease
Andersen, A; Lund, A; Knop, F; Vilsbøll, T
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2018-05-04 9.18 | May 8
Therapeutic Developments in Pancreatic Cancer: Current and Future Perspectives
Neoptolemos, J; Kleeff, J; Michl, P; Costello, E; Greenhalf, W; Palmer, D
Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol 2018-05-01 9.18 | May 8
Precision Medicine in the Management of Type 2 Diabetes
Gloyn, A; Drucker, D
Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 2018-04-23 9.17 | May 1
Immunotherapy and Prevention of Pancreatic Cancer
Morrison, A; Byrne, K; Vonderheide, R
Trends Cancer 2018-04-28 9.17 | May 1
Diabetes and Cancer: Pathophysiological Fundamentals of a ‘Dangerous Affair’
Cignarelli, A; Annamaria Genchi, V; Caruso, I; Natalicchio, A; Perrini, S; Laviola, L; Giorgino, F
Diabetes Res Clin Pract 2018-04-18 9.16 | Apr 24
Yes-Associated Protein (YAP) in Pancreatic Cancer: At the Epicenter of a Targetable Signaling Network Associated with Patient Survival
Rozengurt, E; Sinnett-Smith, J; Eibl, G
Signal Transduct Target Ther 2018-04-20 9.16 | Apr 24
Natural Killer Cells and Their Therapeutic Role in Pancreatic Cancer: A Systematic Review
Van Audenaerde, JRM; Roeyen, G; Darcy, PK; Kershaw, MH; Peeters, M; Smits, ELJ
Pharmacol Ther 2018-04-13 9.15 | Apr 17
The Role of Mesothelin as a Diagnostic and Therapeutic Target in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: A Comprehensive Review
Nichetti, F; Marra, A; Corti, F; Guidi, A; Raimondi, A; Prinzi, N; de Braud, F; Pusceddu, S
Target Oncol 2018-04-14 9.15 | Apr 17
Mechanisms of Action and Therapeutic Application of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1
Drucker, DJ
Cell Metab 2018-04-03 9.14 | Apr 10
Immunotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer: A Long and Hopeful Journey
Xu, JW; Wang, L; Cheng, YG; Zhang, GY; Hu, SY; Zhou, B; Zhan, HX
Cancer Lett 2018-03-29 9.13 | Apr 3
New Understanding of β-Cell Heterogeneity and In Situ Islet Function
Benninger, RKP; Hodson, DJ
Diabetes 2018-03-20 9.12 | Mar 27
Impact of RUNX2 on Drug-Resistant Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells with p53 Mutations
Ozaki, T; Yu, M; Yin, D; Sun, D; Zhu, Y; Bu, Y; Sang, M
BMC Cancer 2018-03-20 9.12 | Mar 27
The Cells of the Islets of Langerhans
Da Silva Xavier, G
J Clin Med 2018-03-12 9.11 | Mar 20
P2X Receptor-Ion Channels in the Inflammatory Response in Adipose Tissue and Pancreas — Potential Triggers in Onset of Type 2 Diabetes?
Novak, I; Solini, A
Curr Opin Immunol 2018-03-06 9.10 | Mar 13
Defining Outcomes for Beta Cell Replacement Therapy: A Work in Progress
Piemonti, L; de Koning, EJP; Berney, T; Odorico, JS; Markmann, JF; Stock, PG; Rickels, MR
Diabetologia 2018-03-06 9.10 | Mar 13
mTORC2 Signaling: A Path for Pancreatic β Cell’s Growth and Function
Yuan, T; Lupse, B; Maedler, K; Ardestani, A
J Mol Biol 2018-02-23 9.09 | Mar 6
Insulin/IGF-Driven Cancer Cell-Stroma Crosstalk as a Novel Therapeutic Target in Pancreatic Cancer
Mutgan, AC; Besikcioglu, HE; Wang, S; Friess, H; Ceyhan, GO; Demir, IE
Mol Cancer 2018-02-23 9.08 | Feb 27
Engineering a Clinically Translatable Bioartificial Pancreas to Treat Type I Diabetes
Orive, G; Emerich, D; Khademhosseinilink, A; Matsumoto, S; Hernández, RM; Pedraz, JL; Desai, T; Calafiore, R; de Vos, P
Trends Biotechnol 2018-02-15 9.07 | Feb 20
Novel Agents for Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: Emerging Therapeutics and Future Directions
Zhang, Y; Yang, C; Cheng, H; Fan, Z; Huang, Q; Lu, Y; Fan, K; Luo, G; Jin, K; Wang, Z; Liu, C; Yu, X
J Hematol Oncol 2018-01-31 9.06 | Feb 13
The Journey of Islet Cell Transplantation and Future Development
Gamble, A; Pepper, AR; Bruni, A; Shapiro, AMJ
Islets 2018-02-02 9.05 | Feb 6
The Ever-Evolving Concept of the Cancer Stem Cell in Pancreatic Cancer
Valle, S; Martin-Hijano, L; Alcalá, S; Alonso-Nocelo, M; Sainz, B Jr
Cancers 2018-01-23 9.04 | Jan 30
Targeting Pancreatic Cancer Cell Plasticity: The Latest in Therapeutics
Smigiel, JM; Parameswaran, N; Jackson, MW
Cancers 2018-01-10 9.03 | Jan 23
Kras in Organoids
Cheng, D; Tuveson, D
Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med 2018-01-08 9.02 | Jan 16
Regulation of Amino Acid Metabolism and Alpha Cell Proliferation by Glucagon
Hayashi, Y; Seino, Y
J Diabetes Investig 2018-01-03 9.02 | Jan 16
Reshaping the Tumor Stroma for Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
Vennin, C; Murphy, KJ; Morton, JP; Cox, TR; Pajic, M; Timpson, P
Gastroenterology 2017-12-26 9.01 | Jan 9
Extracellular Vesicles as Mediators of the Progression and Chemoresistance of Pancreatic Cancer and Their Potential Clinical Applications
Qiu, J; Yang, G; Feng, M; Zheng, S; Cao, Z; You, L; Zheng, L; Zhang, T; Zhao, Y
Mol Cancer 2018-01-05 9.01 | Jan 9
mTORC1 Signaling: A Double-Edged Sword in Diabetic β Cells
Ardestani, A; Lupse, B; Kido, Y; Leibowitz, G; Maedler, K
Cell Metab 2017-12-21 9.00 | Jan 2
AMPK and Friends: Central Regulators of β Cell Biology
Rourke, JL; Hu, Q; Screaton, RA
Trends Endocrinol Metab 2017-12-27 9.00 | Jan 2
Phenotypic Plasticity in the Pancreas: New Triggers, New Players
Demcollari , TI; Cujba, AM; Sancho, R
Curr Opin Cell Biol 2017-12-08 8.49 | Dec 12
Cellular Models for Beta Cell Function and Diabetes Gene Therapy
Green, AD; Vasu, S; Flatt, PR
Acta Physiol (Oxf) 2017-12-11 8.49 | Dec 12
Complex Roles of the Stroma in the Intrinsic Resistance to Gemcitabine in Pancreatic Cancer: Where We Are and Where We Are Going
Liang, C; Meng, Q; Liang, D; Ji, S; Zhang, B; Qin, Y; Xu, J; Ni, Q; Yu, X
Exp Mol Med 2017-12-01 8.48 | Dec 5
PERK Leads a Hub Dictating Pancreatic β Cell Homeostasis
Kefalas, G; Larose, L
Biol Cell 2017-11-23 8.47 | Nov 28
An Overview of Polyamine Metabolism in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Phanstiel, O
Int J Cancer 2017-11-14 8.46 | Nov 21
Experimental Models of Pancreatic Cancer Desmoplasia
Suklabaidya, S; Dash, P; Das, B; Suresh, V; Sasmal, P; Senapati, S
Lab Invest 2017-11-20 8.46 | Nov 21
Regenerating β Cells of the Pancreas – Potential Developments in Diabetes Treatment
Dong, S; Wu, H
Expert Opin Biol Ther 2017-11-13 8.45 | Nov 14
PDX1, Neurogenin-3, and MAFA: Critical Transcription Regulators for Beta Cell Development and Regeneration
Zhu, Y; Liu, Q; Zhou, Z; Ikeda, Y
Stem Cell Res Ther 2017-11-02 8.44 | Nov 7
Lysine Methylation Signaling in Pancreatic Cancer
Roth, GS; Casanova, AG; Lemonnier, N; Reynoird, N
Curr Opin Oncol 2017-10-25 8.43 | Oct 31
The Hippo Signaling Pathway in Pancreatic β-Cells: Functions and Regulations
Ardestani, A; Maedler, K
Endocr Rev 2017-10-18 8.42 | Oct 24
Gene Editing and Human Pluripotent Stem Cells: Tools for Advancing Diabetes Disease Modeling and Beta-Cell Development
Millette, K; Georgia, S
Curr Diab Rep 2017-10-05 8.41 | Oct 17
Beta Cell Replacement Strategies for Diabetes
Kieffer, TJ; Woltjen, K; Osafune, K; Yabe, D; Inagaki, N
J Diabetes Investig 2017-10-06 8.41 | Oct 17
Biochemical and Cellular Properties of Insulin Receptor Signaling
Haeusler, RA; McGraw, TE; Accili, D
Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 2017-10-04 8.40 | Oct 10
TUSC3: Functional Duality of a Cancer Gene
Vašíčková, K; Horak, P; Vaňhara, P
Cell Mol Life Sci 2017-10-03 8.39 | Oct 3
Xenoislets: Porcine Pancreatic Islets for the Treatment of Type I Diabetes
Mourad, NI; Gianello, PR
Curr Opin Organ Transplant 2017-09-14 8.38 | Sep 26
EMT and Treatment Resistance in Pancreatic Cancer
Gaianigo, N; Melisi, D; Carbone, C
Cancers 2017-09-12 8.37 | Sep 19
Adult-Onset Autoimmune Diabetes: Current Knowledge and Implications for Management
Buzzetti, R; Zampetti, S; Maddaloni, E
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2017-09-08 8.36 | Sep 12
Pancreatic β Cell Regeneration as a Possible Therapy for Diabetes
Aguayo-Mazzucato, C; Bonner-Weir, S
Cell Metab 2017-09-07 8.36 | Sep 12
Advances in Polymeric Islet Cell Encapsulation Technologies to Limit the Foreign Body Response and Provide Immunoisolation
Ryan, AJ; O’Neill, HS; Duffy, GP; O’Brien, FJ
Curr Opin Pharmacol 2017-08-30 8.35 | Sep 5
Stem Cell Derived Exosomes: A Novel Vector for Tissue Repair and Diabetic Therapy
Newton, W; Kim, J; Luo, J; Luo, L
J Mol Endocrinol 2017-08-23 8.34 | Aug 29
Regenerative Medicine and Cell-Based Approaches to Restore Pancreatic Function
Ellis, C; Ramzy, A; Kieffer, TJ
Nat Rev Gastroenterol Hepatol 2017-08-16 8.33 | Aug 22
Islet G-Protein Coupled Receptors: Therapeutic Potential for Diabetes
Persaud, SJ
Curr Opin Pharmacol 2017-08-17 8.33 | Aug 22
Heterogeneity in the Beta-Cell Population: A Guided Search into Its Significance in Pancreas and in Implants
Pipeleers, D; De Mesmaeker, I; Robert, T; Van Hulle, F
Curr Diab Rep 2017-08-15 8.33 | Aug 22
New Insights into Non-Conventional Epitopes as T Cell Targets: The Missing Link for Breaking Immune Tolerance in Autoimmune Disease?
Harbige, J; Eichmann, M; Peakman, M
J Autoimmun 2017-08-10 8.32 | Aug 15
Autoreactive T Cells in Type 1 Diabetes
Pugliese, A
J Clin Invest 2017-08-01 8.31 | Aug 8
The Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger and the Plasma Membrane Ca2+-ATPase in β-Cell Function and Diabetes
Herchuelz, A; Pachera, N
Neurosci Lett 2017-08-02 8.31 | Aug 8
Long Non-Coding RNAs as Novel Players in β Cell Function and Type 1 Diabetes
Mirza, AH; Kaur, S; Pociot, F
Hum Genomics 2017-07-24 8.30 | Aug 1
Tumor Organoids as a Pre-Clinical Cancer Model for Drug Discovery
Weeber, F; Ooft, SN; Dijkstra, KK; Voest, EE
Cell Chem Biol 2017-07-27 8.30 | Aug 1
From Insulin Synthesis to Secretion: Alternative Splicing of Type 2 Ryanodine Receptor Gene Is Essential for Insulin Secretion in Pancreatic β Cells
Okamoto, H; Takasawa, S; Yamamoto, Y
Int J Biochem Cell Biol 2017-07-21 8.29 | Jul 25
ANGPTL8 (Betatrophin) Role in Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases
Abu-Farha, M; Abubaker, J; Tuomilehto, J
Diabetes Metab Res Rev 2017-07-19 8.29 | Jul 25
Animal Models of Human Type 1 Diabetes for Evaluating Combination Therapies and Successful Translation to the Patient with Type 1 Diabetes
Lenzen, S
Diabetes Metab Res Rev 2017-07-10 8.28 | Jul 18
Insulin Action and Resistance in Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes
Czech, MP
Nat Med 2017-07-11 8.27 | Jul 11
The Triggering Pathway to Insulin Secretion: Functional Similarities and Differences between the Human and the Mouse Beta Cells and their Translational Relevance
Skelin Klemen, M; Dolenšek, J; Slak Rupnik, M; Stožer, A
Islets 2017-06-29 8.26 | Jul 4
Overcoming the Resistance of Pancreatic Cancer to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors
Skelton, RA; Javed, A; Zheng, L; He, J
J Surg Oncol 2017-06-19 8.25 | Jun 27
Beta Cell Heterogeneity: An Evolving Concept
Avrahami, D; Klochendler, A; Dor, Y; Glaser, B
Diabetologia 2017-06-08 8.24 | Jun 20
Pancreatic Stellate Cells: What’s New?
Pang, TCY; Wilson, JS; Apte, MV
Curr Opin Gastroenterol 2017-06-05 8.23 | Jun 13
Considerations for Initiating a Sodium-Glucose Co-Transporter 2 Inhibitor in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes Using Insulin
Woo, VC; Berard, LD; Bajaj, HS; Ekoé, JM; Senior, PA
Can J Diabetes 2017-05-31 8.22 | Jun 6
Emerging Roles of the CXCL12/CXCR4 Axis in Pancreatic Cancer Progression and Therapy
Sleightholm, RL; Neilsen, BK; Li, J; Steele, MM; Singh, RK; Hollingsworth, MA; Oupicky, D
Pharmacol Ther 2017-05-23 8.21 | May 30
Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals and the Regulation of Energy Balance
Nadal, A; Quesada, I; Tudurí, E; Nogueiras, R; Alonso-Magdalena, P
Nat Rev Endocrinol 2017-05-19 8.20 | May 23
The Role of PYY in Pancreatic Islet Physiology and Surgical Control of Diabetes
Guida, C; Stephen, S; Guitton, R; Ramracheya, RD
Trends Endocrinol Metab 2017-05-19 8.20 | May 23
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