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Pancreatic Cell News 5.24 June 24, 2014
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Diabetes Susceptibility Gene Regulates Health of Cell’s Powerhouse
Researchers found that a susceptibility gene for type 1 diabetes regulates self-destruction of the cell’s energy factory. The pathway central to this gene could be targeted for prevention and control of type-1 diabetes and may extend to the treatment of other metabolic-associated diseases. [Press release from Penn Medicine discussing online prepublication in Cell] Press Release | Abstract | Graphical Abstract
Take the "if" out of "diff": Reduce variability when differentiating to endothelial cells
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A Novel KLF4/LDHA Signaling Pathway Regulates Aerobic Glycolysis in and Progression of Pancreatic Cancer
Researchers investigated the clinical significance, biologic effects, and mechanisms of dysregulated Krüppel-like factor 4 (KLF4) signaling in aerobic glycolysis in pancreatic cancer cells. [Clin Cancer Res] Abstract

LIM-Homeodomain Transcription Factor Isl-1 Mediates Kisspeptin’s Effect on Insulin Secretion in Mice
Scientists demonstrate that Isl-1 and G-protein-coupled receptor 54 are coexpressed in mouse pancreatic islet β cells and NIT cells. Both in vitro and in vivo results demonstrate that KISS-54 inhibits Isl-1 expression and insulin secretion and both the in vivo and in vitro effects of KISS-54 on insulin gene expression and secretion are abolished when an Isl-1-inducible knockout model is used. [Mol Endocrinol] Abstract

Disruption of Protein-Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Expression in the Pancreas Affects β-Cell Function
Protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1B (PTP1B) over-expression in the glucose-responsive MIN6 β-cell line attenuated EphA5 tyrosyl phosphorylation and substrate trapping identified EphA5 as a PTP1B substrate. [Endocrinology] Abstract

Glucose Modulates Pax6 Expression through the JNK/p38 MAP Kinase Pathway in Pancreatic Beta-Cells
Researchers investigated the signaling events that regulate the modulation of Pax6 expression by glucose and the role of this modulation in cell survival in rat insulinoma-1E cells. [Life Sci] Abstract

Atorvastatin Helps Preserve Pancreatic Beta Cell Function in Obese C57BL/6 J Mice and the Effect Is Related to Increased Pancreas Proliferation and Amelioration of Endoplasmic-Reticulum Stress
Researchers examined effects of atorvastatin treatment on pancreatic beta cell function in obese C57BL/6 J mice and the possible mechanisms. [Lipids Health Dis] Abstract | Full Article


Sonic Hedgehog Paracrine Signaling Activates Stromal Cells to Promote Perineural Invasion in Pancreatic Cancer
Scientists showed that Sonic hedgehog (SHH) overexpression in tumor cells is involved in perineural invasion in pancreatic cancer and is an important marker of biological activity of pancreatic cancer. Moreover, the overexpression of SHH in tumor cells activates the hedgehog pathway in pancreatic stellate cells in the stroma instead of activating tumor cells. [Clin Cancer Res] Abstract

Targeting the K-Ras – JNK Axis Eliminates Cancer Stem-Like Cells and Prevents Pancreatic Tumor Formation
Researchers showed that the K-Ras – JNK axis plays a pivotal role in the maintenance of pancreatic cancer stem cells/cancer stem-like cells (CSLCs). In vitro inhibition of JNK, either pharmacological or genetic, caused loss of the self-renewal and tumor-initiating capacity of pancreatic CSLCs. [Oncotarget] Full Article

BRG1 Promotes Chemoresistance of Pancreatic Cancer Cells through Crosstalking with Akt Signaling
BRG1 knockdown inhibited PANC-1 and MIA PaCa-2 cell growth in vitro and in vivo, reduced the phosphorylation/activation of Akt and p21cip/waf, enhanced intrinsic and gemcitabine induced apoptosis and attenuated gemcitabine-induced downregulation of E-cadherin. [Eur J Cancer] Abstract

Side Population Cells of Pancreatic Cancer Showed Characteristics of Cancer Stem Cells Responsible for Resistance and Metastasis
Scientists isolated side population cells from the highly aggressive and metastatic human pancreatic cancer cell line L3.6pl and evaluated their potential role as models for cancer stem cells. [Target Oncol] Abstract

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Maternal Diabetes, Programming of Beta-Cell Disorders and Intergenerational Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
The authors highlight a number of studies that have identified epigenetic mechanisms that may contribute to altered beta-cell mass development and beta-cell failure, as observed in diabetes. [Diabetes Metab] Abstract

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Hyperion Therapeutics Completes Acquisition of Andromeda Biotech, Ltd.
Hyperion Therapeutics, Inc. announced that it has completed its acquisition of Andromeda Biotech Ltd. The acquisition broadens Hyperion’s pipeline to include DiaPep277®, a potentially first-in-class immunotherapy for new onset Type 1 diabetes. [Hyperion Therapeutics, Inc.] Press Release

Western Oncolytics Receives $275,000 Seed Funding for Development of Cancer Immunotherapy
Western Oncolytics Ltd. has closed $275,000 in seed funding. The proceeds are planned to set a path toward clinical trials and execute initial manufacturing for its novel virus-based cancer therapy, which delivers genes to guide the immune system to kill cancer cells. [PR Newswire Association LLC] Press Release

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