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Pancreatic Cell News 3.20, May 22, 2012
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Apolipoprotein A-IV Improves Glucose Homeostasis by Enhancing Insulin Secretion
Apolipoprotein A-IV (apoA-IV)-treated isolated pancreatic islets had enhanced insulin secretion under conditions of high glucose but not of low glucose, suggesting a direct effect of apoA-IV to enhance glucose-stimulated insulin release. This enhancement involves cAMP at a level distal to Ca2+ influx into the β cells. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

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Homeoprotein hhex-Induced Conversion of Intestinal to Ventral Pancreatic Precursors Results in the Formation of Giant Pancreata in Xenopus Embryos
Ectopic expression of a critical dose of hematopoietically expressed homeobox (hhex) led to a greatly enlarged ventral pancreatic precursor 1 (vpp1)-positive domain and, subsequently, to the formation of giant ventral pancreata, putatively by conversion of intestinal to ventral pancreatic precursor cells. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

Cytokine and Chemokine Production by Human Pancreatic Islets Upon Enterovirus Infection
Researchers aimed to gain insight into the cytokines and chemokines that are produced by human pancreatic islets upon infection with coxsackie B viruses. [Diabetes] Abstract

Anks4b, a Novel Target of HNF4α Interacts with GRP78 and Regulates Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Induced Apoptosis in Pancreatic β-Cells
Results indicated that ankyrin repeat and sterile alpha motif domain containing 4b (Anks4b) is a HNF4α target gene that regulates endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress in β-cells by interacting with glucose regulated protein 78 (GRP78), thus suggesting that HNF4α is involved in maintenance of the ER. [J Biol Chem] Full Article

Antiaging Gene Klotho Enhances Glucose-Induced Insulin Secretion by Up-Regulating Plasma Membrane Levels of Transient Receptor Potential V2 in MIN6 β-Cells
Klotho is expressed in mouse pancreatic islets and in insulinoma β-cells (MIN6 β-cells). Researchers investigated whether Klotho plays a role in the regulation of insulin secretion in MIN6 β-cells by overexpression and silencing of Klotho. [Endocrinology] Abstract

Plasticity of Adult Human Pancreatic Duct Cells by Neurogenin3-Mediated Reprogramming
Duct cells isolated from the adult human pancreas can be reprogrammed to express islet beta cell genes by adenoviral transduction of the developmental transcription factor neurogenin3. In this study researchers aimed to fully characterize the extent of this reprogramming and intended to improve it. [PLoS One]
Full Article


Serotonin Regulates Amylase Secretion and Acinar Cell Damage during Murine Pancreatitis
The authors analyzed whether serotonin regulates zymogen secretion in pancreatic acinar cells and the development of pancreatic inflammation. [Gut] Abstract

Deletion of the Endothelial Bmx Tyrosine Kinase Decreases Tumor Angiogenesis and Growth
Isogenic colon, lung, and melanoma tumor xenotransplants showed reductions in growth and tumor angiogenesis in Bmx gene-deleted (-/-) mice, while developmental angiogenesis was not affected. In addition, growth of transgenic pancreatic islet carcinomas and intestinal adenomas was also slower in Bmx-/- mice. [Cancer Res] Abstract

HOTAIR Is a Negative Prognostic Factor and Exhibits Pro-Oncogenic Activity in Pancreatic Cancer
Investigators show that HOTAIR expression is increased in pancreatic tumors compared with non-tumor tissue and is associated with more aggressive tumors. [Oncogene] Abstract

Nicotine/Cigarette Smoke Promotes Metastasis of Pancreatic Cancer through α7nAChR-Mediated MUC4 Upregulation
Researchers explored a potential link between MUC4 expression and smoking-mediated pancreatic cancer (PC) pathogenesis and report that both cigarette smoke extract and nicotine significantly upregulates MUC4 in PC cells. [Oncogene] Abstract

FKBP5 as a Selection Biomarker for Gemcitabine and Akt Inhibitors in Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
Investigators used a pancreatic cancer xenograft mouse model to show that down regulation of FKBP5 in shFKBP5 xenograft mice promotes tumor growth and resistance to gemcitabine. [PLoS One] Full Article

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Pancreatic Cancer May Be Detected with Simple Intestinal Probe
By simply shining a tiny light within the small intestine, close to that organ’s junction with the pancreas, physicians have been able to detect pancreatic cancer 100 percent of the time in a small study. [Press release from Mayo Clinic discussing research to be presented at Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2012, San Diego] Press Release

Surgical Oncologist Presents Promising Data for Novel Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine
A novel pancreatic cancer vaccine showed promise in improving survival and represents a potential breakthrough in the treatment of this deadly disease. [Press release from University Hospitals discussing research to be presented at Digestive Disease Week (DDW) 2012, San Diego] Press Release


Academic Health Center Biorepository Established to Advance Cancer and Other Medical Research in Northwest Ohio
ProMedica and The University of Toledo announced the opening of the Academic Health Center BioRepository to help researchers find new and improved treatments for cancer and other medical conditions, including autism, Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. [ProMedica] Press Release

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Tsinghua University Enter Strategic Partnership
Under the agreement, Bristol-Myers Squibb will fund research efforts at Tsinghua University’s School of Life Sciences to identify and validate novel targets in oncology and immunoscience. [Bristol-Myers Squibb] Press Release

New Teva Representative Joins Mesoblast Board of Directors
Global regenerative medicine company Mesoblast Limited announced the appointment of Dr Ben-Zion Weiner as a non-executive Director of Mesoblast. [Mesoblast Limited] Press Release


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