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Pancreatic Cell News 3.18, May 8, 2012
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Prevention of Autoimmune Diabetes and Induction of β-Cell Proliferation in NOD Mice by Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Researchers found that hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduces autoimmune diabetes incidence in nonobese diabetic (NOD) mice via increased resting T cells and reduced activation of dendritic cells with preservation of β-cell mass resulting from decreased apoptosis and increased proliferation. [Diabetes] Abstract

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APPL1 Potentiates Insulin Secretion in Pancreatic β Cells by Enhancing Protein Kinase Akt-Dependent Expression of SNARE Proteins in Mice
Investigators showed that APPL1 expression in pancreatic β cells is markedly decreased in several mouse models of obesity and diabetes. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

Inhibition of Glucose-Stimulated Insulin Secretion by KCNJ15, a Newly Identified Susceptibility Gene for Type 2 Diabetes
Investigators aimed to characterize the role of Kcnj15 by knockdown of this gene in vitro and in vivo. Human islet cells were used to determine the expression of KCNJ15. [Diabetes] Abstract

Real-Time Detection of Acetylcholine Release from the Human Endocrine Pancreas
Researchers showed how acetylcholine (ACh) biosensors loaded with the Ca2+ indicator Fura-2 and pressed against isolated human pancreatic islets allow the detection of ACh release. [Nat Protoc] Abstract

NAD Kinase (NADK) Regulates the Size of NADPH Pool and Insulin Secretion in Pancreatic Beta Cells
Investigators employed INS-1 832/13 cells, an insulin secreting rat β-cell line, to investigate the role of NADK in β-cell metabolic pathways. [Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab] Abstract

Nodal Induces Apoptosis through the Activation of ALK7 Signaling Pathways in Pancreatic INS-1 β-Cells
Researchers showed that Nodal activates ALK7 signaling and regulates β-cell apoptosis. [Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab] Abstract

Lipopolysaccharides Impair Insulin Gene Expression in Isolated Islets of Langerhans via Toll-Like Receptor-4 and NF-κB Signaling
Scientists tested the hypothesis that lipopolysaccharides alter insulin gene expression via Toll-Like Receptor 4 and nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B cells (NF-κB) in islets. [PLoS One] Full Article


Tumor-Derived Tissue Factor Activates Coagulation and Enhances Thrombosis in a Mouse Xenograft Model of Human Pancreatic Cancer
Researchers analyzed tissue factor expression in four different human pancreatic tumor cell lines for the purpose of producing derivative tumors in vivo. [Blood] Abstract

Low Expression of Junctional Adhesion Molecule A Is Associated with Metastasis and Poor Survival in Pancreatic Cancer
Findings suggest for the first time that low levels of junctional adhesion molecule A expression in pancreatic cancer are associated with poor clinical outcome. [Ann Surg Oncol] Abstract

Hypermethylation of HIC1 Promoter and Aberrant Expression of HIC1/SIRT1 Might Contribute to the Carcinogenesis of Pancreatic Cancer
Because chronic pancreatitis (CP) is a consistent risk factor for pancreatic cancer, the possible alteration and tumor contribution effects of the hypermethylated in cancer-1 (HIC1) promoter methylation in CP was investigated. [Ann Surg Oncol] Abstract

Atorvastatin Inhibits Pancreatic Carcinogenesis and Increases Survival in LSL-KrasG12D-LSL-Trp53R172H-Pdx1-Cre Mice
The effectiveness of atorvastatin against pancreatic carcinogenesis and its effect on protein prenylation were determined using the LSL-KrasG12D-LSL-Trp53R172H-Pdx1-Cre mouse model. [Mol Carcinog] Abstract

Lysosomal Membrane Permeabilization Is an Early Event in Sigma-2 Receptor Ligand Mediated Cell Death in Pancreatic Cancer
Sigma-2 receptor ligands have been studied for treatment of pancreatic cancer because they are preferentially internalized by proliferating cells and induce apoptosis. Here researchers evaluated multiple sigma-2 receptor ligands, each shown to decrease tumor burden in preclinical models of human pancreatic cancer. [J Exp Clin Cancer Res] Abstract

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Celsion Corporation and Focused Ultrasound Foundation to Support Research Exploring ThermoDox(R) Combined with Focused Ultrasound in Treating Pancreatic Cancer
Celsion Corporation and the Focused Ultrasound Foundation announced their support for preclinical studies designed to explore the use of ThermoDox®, Celsion’s Phase III, proprietary, heat-activated liposomal encapsulation of doxorubicin, in combination with MR-guided high intensity focused ultrasound for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. [Celsion Corporation] Press Release

Translation Award Investigates New Therapy to Prevent Type 1 Diabetes
A project to develop a new therapy for type 1 diabetes launched at King’s College London with support from a Wellcome Trust Translation Award. The new therapy is designed to target the immune response that underlies the condition and, if successful, could prevent the disease from developing. [Wellcome Trust] Press Release

Islet Sciences Announces Exclusive License Agreement with Yale University to Commercialize an Early Beta Cell Destruction and Diabetes Diagnostic
Islet Sciences, Inc. announced that it has exclusively licensed a technology entitled ‘Circulating hypomethylated β cell-derived DNA’ as a biomarker of β cell destruction from Yale University. [PR Newswire] Press Release


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NEW Joint ECCO – AACR – EORTC – ESMO Workshop on Methods in Clinical Cancer Research
June 23-29, 2012
Waldhaus Flims, Switzerland

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