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Pancreatic Cell News 2.34, August 30, 2011

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New Study Shows Zinc Suppresses Pancreatic Cancer Cells
The essential element zinc has been shown in a new study to be a likely tumor suppressor in the most common form of pancreatic cancer. [Press release from the University of Maryland, Baltimore discussing online prepublication in Cancer Biology & Therapy] Press Release   | Abstract  


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A Genetically Engineered Human Pancreatic β Cell Line Exhibiting Glucose-Inducible Insulin Secretion
Here, investigators describe a robust technology for producing a functional human β cell line using targeted oncogenesis in human fetal tissue. [J Clin Invest] Abstract 

Inhibitors of Src and Focal Adhesion Kinase Promote Endocrine Specification: Impact on the Derivation of Beta Cells from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
In this study researchers show that the pyrrolo-pyrimidine src-family kinase inhibitor PP2 effectively promotes the endocrine specification of human embryonic stem cell derivatives based on its capacity to induce the expression of proendocrine transcription factors (NGN3, NEUROD1, NKX2.2 and PAX4) and to significantly increase the final yield of insulin-positive cells. [J Biol Chem] Abstract 

Elimination of the NLRP3-ASC Inflammasome Protects Against Chronic Obesity-Induced Pancreatic Damage
This study provides direct in vivo evidence that activation of the Nod-like receptor family, pyrin domain containing 3 (Nlrp3) inflammasome in diet-induced obesity is a critical trigger in causing pancreatic damage and is an important mechanism of progression toward type 2 diabetes. [Endocrinology] Abstract 

Thiamin Uptake by Pancreatic Acinar Cells: Effect of Chronic Alcohol Feeding/Exposure
The results demonstrate for the first time that thiamin uptake by pancreatic acinar cells is via a carrier-mediated process, and that both the thiamin transporter-1 (THTR-1) as well as THTR-2 are expressed in these cells. [Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol] Abstract 

Immunomodulation and Regeneration of Islet Beta Cells by Cytokines in Autoimmune Type 1 Diabetes
Cytokines both induce and regulate type 1 diabetes and have the potential to regenerate and preserve insulin-producing ß cells in the islets. [J Interferon Cytokine Res] Abstract 


c-Met Is a Marker of Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cells and Therapeutic Target
In pancreatic tumors established in NOD SCID mice, c-Met inhibitors slowed tumor growth and reduced the population of cancer stem cells, when given alone or in combination with gemcitabine. [Gastroenterology] Abstract 

Cellular Features of Senescence During the Evolution of Human and Murine Ductal Pancreatic Cancer
Here, researchers have characterized a panel of potential oncogene-induced senescence biomarkers in human and murine pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia, and found that only senescence-associated β-galactosidase activity is specifically enriched in these precursors, compared with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. [Oncogene] Abstract 

Inhibition of Chronic Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia (PanIN) by Capsaicin in LSL-KrasG12D/Pdx1-Cre Mice
In this study, the effect of capsaicin on pancreatitis and pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia was determined in a mutant Kras-driven and caerulein-induced pancreatitis-associated carcinogenesis in LSL-KrasG12D/Pdx1-Cre mice. [Carcinogenesis] Abstract 

Impact of KRAS Mutations on Clinical Outcomes in Pancreatic Cancer Patients Treated with First-Line Gemcitabine-Based Chemotherapy
Researchers retrospectively studied 136 pancreatic cancer patients with available formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tumor blocks from 2003 to 2009 to understand the clinical significance of KRAS mutations in pancreatic cancer patients treated with gemcitabine-based chemotherapy. [Mol Cancer Ther] Abstract 

Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number and Pancreatic Cancer in the Alpha-Tocopherol Beta-Carotene Cancer Prevention (ATBC) Study
To test whether higher mitochondrial DNA copy number is associated with increased incident pancreatic cancer, scientists conducted a nested case-control study in the Alpha-Tocopherol Beta Carotene Cancer Prevention Study cohort of male smokers, aged 50-69 years at baseline. [Cancer Prev Res] Abstract 



Abbott Japan and Eisai Announce Launch of Pancreatic Digestive Enzyme Replacement Drug Lipacreon® (pancrelipase)
Abbott Japan Co., Ltd. and Eisai Co., Ltd. announced that they will launch the pancreatic digestive enzyme replacement drug Lipacreon® Capsules 150 mg and Lipacreon® Granules 300mg Sachets (pancrelipase) on August 30 in Japan. [Eisai Co., Ltd. Press Release] Press Release

Clavis Pharma Second Quarter and First Half Report 2011
Clavis Pharma ASA announced its results for the second quarter and the first half 2011 (three and six months ended June 30, 2011). [Clavis Pharma ASA Press Release] Press Release

Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics Reports Half-Year Results 2011
Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics reported its results for the first half year of 2011. [Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics Press Release] Press Release


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NEW 2nd Annual “Cancer Immunotherapy: A Long-Awaited Reality” Conference
October 6, 2011
New York, United States

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