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Pancreatic Cell News 2.27, July 12, 2011
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Gene Therapy Stimulates Protein that Blocks Immune Attack and Prevents Type 1 Diabetes in Mice
Increasing a specific protein in areas of the pancreas that produce insulin blocks the immune attack that causes type 1 diabetes, researchers reported. [Press release from Child & Family Research Institute discussing online prepublication in the Journal of Clinical Investigation]



Studies Show Effect of BYDUREON™ on A1C and Weight for Up to Three Years
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Eli Lilly and Company, and Alkermes, Inc. announced results from long-term extensions of the Duration-1 and 3 studies evaluating BYDUREON™, an investigational medication for type 2 diabetes. [Press release from Alkermes, Inc. discussing research presented at the 71st Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association]

Vitamin D May Improve Pancreas Function
Vitamin D supplements reduced risk factors for type 2 diabetes by improving the function of insulin-producing cells in pre-diabetic volunteers, a new study has found. [Press release from Reuters discussing online prepublication in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition]


CURRENT PUBLICATIONS (Ranked by Impact Factor of the Journal)


Prevention of Murine Autoimmune Diabetes by CCL22-Mediated Treg Recruitment to the Pancreatic Islets
Here, researchers demonstrate that production of CCL22 in islets after intrapancreatic duct injection of double-stranded adeno-associated virus encoding CCL22 recruits endogenous Tregs to the islets and confers long-term protection from autoimmune diabetes in NOD mice. [J Clin Invest]

The MicroRNA-21−PDCD4 Axis Prevents Type 1 Diabetes by Blocking Pancreatic β Cell Death
Here researchers describe a unique regulatory pathway of β cell death that comprises microRNA-21, its target tumor suppressor PDCD4, and its upstream transcriptional activator nuclear factor-κB. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA]

Effects of Vitamin D and Calcium Supplementation on Pancreatic β Cell Function, Insulin Sensitivity, and Glycemia in Adults at High Risk of Diabetes: The Calcium and Vitamin D for Diabetes Mellitus (CaDDM) Randomized Controlled Trial
Researchers determined whether vitamin D supplementation, with or without calcium, improved glucose homeostasis in adults at high risk of diabetes. [Am J Clin Nutr]

Trimodal Gadolinium-Gold Microcapsules Containing Pancreatic Islet Cells Restore Normoglycemia in Diabetic Mice and Can Be Tracked by Using Ultrasonography, Micro-Computed Tomography, and Positive-Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging
The purpose of this study was to develop microcapsules that immunoprotect pancreatic islet cells for treatment of type I diabetes and enable multimodal cellular imaging of transplanted islet cells. [Radiology]


Altered Telomeres in Tumors with ATRX and DAXX Mutations
Researchers found that 61% of human pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors displayed abnormal telomeres that are characteristic of a telomerase-independent
telomere maintenance mechanism termed alternative lengthening of telomeres. [Science]

Epigenetic Memory and Preferential Lineage-Specific Differentiation in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Derived from Human Pancreatic Islet Beta Cells
Using two genetic lineage-tracing systems, researchers demonstrate the generation of induced pluripotent stem cell lines from human pancreatic islet beta cells. [Cell Stem

Modulation of Pancreatic Cancer Chemoresistance by Inhibition of TAK1
The results of this study suggest that genetic silencing or inhibition of TGF-β-activated kinase-1 (TAK1) kinase activity in vivo is a potential therapeutic approach to reversal of the
intrinsic chemoresistance of pancreatic cancer. [J Natl Cancer Inst]

Tumor Engraftment in Nude Mice and Enrichment in Stroma-Related Gene Pathways Predicts Poor Survival and Resistance to Gemcitabine in Patients with Pancreatic Cancer
The purpose of this study was to evaluate prospectively the engraftment rate, factors influencing engraftment, and predictability of clinical outcome of low-passage xenografts from patients with resectable pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA) and to establish a bank of PDA xenografts. [Clin Cancer Res]

Enhanced Antitumor Efficacy by the Combination of Emodin and Gemcitabine Against Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells via Downregulation of the Expression of XIAP In Vitro and In Vivo
The purpose of this study was to explore the role of XIAP and NF-κB in potentiating the antitumor effect of gemcitabine by emodin in pancreatic cancer. [Int J Oncol]


Generex Provides Preliminary Results of Generex Oral-lyn Clinical Trials in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes and Patients with Impaired Glucose Tolerance
Generex Biotechnology Corporation announced preliminary clinical results of two major trials using the Generex Oral-lyn formulation that will be used for registration and marketing. [Generex Biotechnology Corporation Press Release]

Researchers Receive Grants from NCCN Oncology Research Program Funded Through Pfizer
The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Oncology Research Program received $2.1 million in research funding from Pfizer, Inc. to support research at NCCN Member Institutions in order to gain further insight into the use of axitinib in various tumor types. [National Comprehensive Cancer Network Press Release]

Supercharging Research Towards Effective Cancer Treatment
Australian researchers aim to use a newly-funded collaboration to develop a new generation of cancer treatment, “supercharging” antibodies with a drug delivery vehicle for targeting tumors. [The University of Queensland Press Release]


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NEW World Orphan Drug Congress Asia 2011
September 14-16, 2011
Seoul, Korea 

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